【威尼斯人官网】爆料:王建军即将担任球队主教练 吴庆龙新赛季很顺利

最近体育文化报导,中国北京时间2018年9月29日13:46:54热烈的祝贺戈尔任新疆男篮主教练!水货手机的电子器件李秋平有知人之明离开新疆男篮,这给团队拥有新的期待,能够敢打敢拼只为腊,在高质量教练指导下,一定能得到 优异成绩!今晚,深圳男篮官方网宣布王建军担任球队主教练,另外教练组员也所有确定。





双语科技百科(农业) 第55期:《农政全书》【威尼斯人官网】

Nongzheng Quan,shu《农政全书》Nongzheng Quanshu (also Comprehensive Treatise on Agricultural Admin-istration) ,was written by Xu Guangqi (1562~1633) in the late Ming Dynasty.Born in the Songjiang area in Jiangsu Province ( now in Shanghai) where agriculture was very advanced, he was devoted to the agricultural development all his life.During the three-year period of mourning for his deceased father, he con-ducted in his hometown massive agricultural and ploughing experiments, and then went to Tianjing for similar experiments several times, the consequence of which was the completion of the agricultural encyclopedia. He died in his tenure of office,and it was his friend who helped publish the book in the 12th year of the reign of Emperor Chongzhen, 1639.The book is divid-ed into 60 volumes, including the agriculture-oriented thought, land policy, water conservancy, farm tools, arboriculture, sericulture, animal husbandry,relief poliaes and the like. Besides summarizing his experiences of succeeding in growing crops and cot-ton, he went into details about water conservanolt and relief policies. He studied the lean years in the Chinese history, even delving into the concrete situations of the ill locust plagues which ever happened in China. The most effective way of putting an end to the lean years, he believed, was to establish the water conservancy projects on a large scale. In the Northwest, as he instantiated his point, instead of delivering grain from Southeast with great efforts, people should learn to reclaim the wasteland and establish the water conservancy projects on a large scale, turning Northwest into a major grain yielding area. A great num-ber of reference books written before or at the time were recorded h Non,gzheng Quanshu ,and the understandings and perspectives of the author presented.It was a great agricultural work of special importance in the Ming Dynasty.《农政全书》由晚明徐光启( 1562~1633)著。